All orders placed on will depend on your geographic location.

Customers outside the European Union and United Kingdom will be charged in US Dollars US$.
Customers in the United Kingdom will be charged in Sterling Pounds- £.
Customers in Ireland & the European Union will be charged in Euros- €

When you first open our website, your geographic location will direct you to either our US website, Irish website or UK website. 
You can choose to view the pricing in AUS$, CAD$ NZ$ and the website will display the prices in these currencies based on the currency exchange rates, this is for information purposes only.  

On our checkout page, the order summary will display the total price in both the displayed currency and the website currency, The actual exchange rate on the payment is dictated by your banks daily FX Exchange rate. In addition, the bank may choose to charge an additional exchange rate charge of approx. $3-$5